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Build employer brand
authenticity by displaying
Privy metrics on your site.

What is Privy for companies?

Does your company embrace authenticity in hiring and transparency about your people and culture? Licensing your company’s job-seeking activities percentage to put on your career site will differentiate you from your competitors, and add confidence about your company to visiting job seekers. You can also sponsor your company’s Privy forum.

Display Privy information on your company’s career site

Transparency and authenticity are two of the top qualities that new employees look for when considering a career change. License Privy info about your company to put on your company’s career site.

The best way to engage talent is to build trust from your first interaction. Proudly show potential candidates what percentage of your employees are potentially looking for work before they find it on Privy without you knowing.

Consider sponsoring your company’s Privy community

Do you want to be involved in a conversation with people talking about your company? Sponsor your company’s Privy community to participate as a moderator or leader, and gain the ability to advertise your open positions.

Privy is a new, powerful way to connect with potential job seekers so you can start building trust, authenticity, and engagement early in their consideration process to be considered their employer of choice!