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How does Privy technology work?

Privy uses Claro technology, which indexes public web pages similar to search engines like Google or Bing. Proprietary algorithms are also used but not for ranking placement in search results. Claro algorithms autonomously and anonymously compute what percentage of a company’s workforce might be exhibiting job-seeking activities.

Job-seeking activities based on statistical sample sizes

Privy information is more relevant than sites like Glassdoor because Claro technology measures activities in statistically valid sample sizes in order to calculate each company’s potential  job-seeking percentage.

We believe our autonomous and anonymous approach is better than sometimes-fake reviews, which are either a venting platform for disgruntled people or sponsored corporate citizens trying to help promote their employers.

Privy community members recommend new companies

We started this project as a free service to anyone who might be interested at potential job-seeking activities in specific companies in order to provide a different approach than “feedback” companies like Glassdoor.

If you want the real-deal scoop and to have your voice heard, we recommend you join the Privy community, and participate in discussions. Every month we’ll add additional companies based on your feedback.